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Thurs. December 16th
Featured Artist - Lisa Parr

This Thursday, Lymenaide presents Lisa Parr, a lyme patient, talented crafter and creator, and a Mom of 3 kids. Lisa is a relatively newly diagnosed lyme patient, and unfortunately, upon diagnosis she found that she could no longer work outside of her home. Lisa could have let that, as well as the physical debilitation that she was suffering, completely discourage her, but she didn't. Instead, Lisa started her own business and now successfully runs SmellsAmazing.com from the comforts of her very own home. 

"It seemed only natural for me to start up a web boutique selling great-smelling goodies as I have a real passion for luxury scented candles and lotions and potions!"

Not only is Lisa an inspiration to the lyme community, but she's also a source of support as well. When Lisa got sick, she naturally found it a little difficult to find support and understanding from those around her, so she turned to other lyme patients for empathy and comradery.

I would like to encorage other chronic Lyme sufferers to network with other Lymies via web-based support groups like I do.  It helps so much to talk to others who can personally relate to what you are going through. 

We're extra excited to announce this week that Lisa will be giving away not one, but two giveaway items! This means that we'll be choosing two lucky winners to win one of Lisa's amazingly fragrant items.
                                                     The Giveaway Items 

One of Lisa's giveaway candles is a 20 oz. jar candle with three scents to choose from. This will go to the entry that is chosen first. Her second giveaway candle is a "chub cup" candle in Lisa's most popular scent, Volcano. The scents sound lovely, don't you think? 

To enter to win Lisa's giveaway, please do the following:

1. Comment on Lisa's Smell's Amazing bazaar page, which can be found here. In your comment, tell us about how reaching out for support, friendship and understanding in the online community has helped you.

2. Either share the link to this featured artist write-up on your blog, twitter account or facebook page, or make a purchase from one of the booths at the bazaar. In your comment on Lisa's  bazaar booth, please either include the link to where you've shared, or a link to the booth that you have purchased from.

3. Include your email address at the end of your comment, so we can contact you if you win. 

Your comment will enter you in a drawing that will take place this upcoming Monday , December 21st. The winner will be announced on Lymenaide's facebook page and will receive an email notification. 

"We Will Beat Lyme"

Enter to win on Lisa's booth - http://tiny.cc/c9csw