The Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar will be up and running online from September 1, 2010- January 1, 2011. Your one time fee will get you a booth on our site from the time of your purchase through January 10, 2011. Additional fees apply for additional services.

Non-Lyme artist/crafter may participate in the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar so long as someone close to them does have Lyme disease. The booth fee for a non-Lymie is slightly higher and there is an additional requirement of a donation to be made to one of the Benefit Stores.*

Send completed booths to Ashley van Tol at:

Booth Fee- 
Lyme Patient = $30
Non-Lymie fee $40
Booth fees are paid to Lymenaide as a donation to our awareness projects.

You must supply use one of the available templates for your photos and supply a 100 - 150 word description of your booth as well as the links to where customers can make purchases online. See the existing booths for examples.

Booth Templates-

If you need help getting your photos to meet the required criteria or with writing your booth description, we can provide you with graphic design and writing services.

Graphic Design and Writing Services-
Photo Resizing and Resolution and Touch Up = $10
Photo Resizing and Resolution = $6
Photo Touch Up Only = $ 6
Booth Description Copy = $3.50
Fees for Graphic Design and Writing are collected by Lymenaide, but paid to individuals in the Lyme community for doing the work. Another way Lymenaide is striving to help the disabled in the Lyme community.

These fees are only for the elements required for your virtual booth. Additional services may be negotiated with the individuals providing the services.  

Featured Artist-
We highly recommend you take advantage of this option. To be featured means that we will put up a post specifically about you and your art/craft/photography during the time (November 15 - December 15) that we will be running features. A link to your feature will also be posted on the Lymenaide, LymeBites and Victorious Vixen facebook pages. Being a featured artist will drive more traffic to your booth and thus to your blog/website/Etsy...

Instead of taking a fee for your feature, we are asking that you donate a giveaway item. The giveaway will be run on your blog and fulfilled by you but we will promote it through your feature and on all of our online outlets; here, facebook and twitter. Giveaways are a great way to bring new traffic and customers to your blog/website.

Things to consider for giveaway items- You will have to cover the postage for the shipping of your giveaway item.

Donations to Benefit Stores-
Donations of items to our sponsors Benefit stores are welcome and much appreciated. These items must be sent ahead of time to a to be determined address. 

The profit from the sale of items from these booths goes to the Lyme organization for which they are set up. Shipping and administrative cost may be deducted from the actual donation amount.

*Non-lymie participants are required to give a donation to one of the Benefit Stores.

Non-Crafty Lymies-
Non-crafty Lymies can set up a booth with craft items donated to them by friends and family. These booths are viewed and considered the same as the crafty Lymies booths the same fees apply. You must have an online "store" or ebay account from which you are doing the actual selling of the donated items. The Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar is not set up to host actual stores only to promote them through the purchased booths.

Questions??? Contact Ashley van Tol -

Send completed booths to Ashley van Tol at: