Welcome to Lymenaide's first Holiday Bazaar! 

Here you will find an assortment of artists, crafters, businessmen and businesswomen that have all been affected by Late Stage Lyme Disease. Some vendors are patients and Lyme sufferers themselves, while others have loved ones that are battling this harrowing disease.

The purpose of our venue is to feature these Lyme affected creators, in hope for both financial support and a rise in awareness of the disease that they battle. Due to the debilitating physical and financial nature of this destructive infectious disease, most of these artists, creators and crafters rely solely on the income from their crafts and creations to fund treatment and sustain daily living. They pour their heart and soul, and the little energy that they have left, into the work that they do.

Please find it in your hearts to reach out and support them this Holiday season. Please visit the bazaar's About page for more information on how to do so. We thank you for visiting, and for your support.