Aug 9, 2010

the treelife studios x geoffrey partridge

The TREELIFE Studios are artists of all mediums painting the world sculpted for us and destroying the barricades set up around us. We are jewelers utilizing the materials that nature provides. We are photographers capturing moments meant to be immortalized but also exposing the moments of pain, love, and hate.

We dance to the beat of a drum and to the choreographed moments of clarity and disillusion. We are teachers and advocates for the promotion and importance of the arts in all aspects of society. We are Philanthropists with no money to give, but knowledge to share. We observe life as it passes by in the blink of an eye. We are dreamers and realists, lovers and haters, buyers and creators. We are children trapped in adult bodies. We love the beauty of nature and the entrapment of urbanization. We are loners who work together and a team with as few as one person. We are writers and urban pirates. We are space cadets, visionaries, and philosophizers. This is our world, this is TREELIFE...welcome to the realm of endless creationism...

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Becky Lee said...

It was so great to meet Geoff in Media, PA at the 'Art Under $100' sale. He's so talented!