Oct 15, 2010

Amanda Morante- Handmade Jewelry & Pinback Buttons

I am a firm believer of living life to the fullest. As an artist and designer, Lyme Disease has affected my work in some amazing ways. I am a Graphic Designer by profession, but when faced with the most harsh years of my illness I began crafting and creating while out of work. The work became smaller and easier to manage and I began using many unexpected, found materials. I am constantly trying to beautify the simple things in life — the things that we often overlook.

Communication and originality fuel my passion for design and I am happy to offer both sides of the spectrum in my shop. My shop offers Custom pinback buttons and magnets (in small and large quantities) as well as unique, handmade jewelry. There is a gift for almost anyone and I am always taking custom orders for buttons, magnets, and button sets! Create a button your friends and family are sure to love!

All proceeds help fund my financial fight against Lyme Disease.

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