Oct 15, 2010

Faery Wings Apothecary - Christine Campbell

Lyme Disease has affected three generations of my immediate family. My husband was diagnosed with Lyme and several co-infections after being infected 30 years ago. I was infected in my 20's. Both of our children were infected during pregnancy. Recently, my mother-in-law was also diagnosed.

Over the last few years, I have been working to get the truth out about what Lyme disease is really like: how it affects our health, outlook on life, and how it interferes with relationships with our family and friends. Most importantly, I want people become more aware of Lyme Disease because there is a lack of medical information to. Turn the Corner and Open Eye Pictures has produced an invaluable documentary, which explains this better than I ever could.

In order to give back to Turn the Corner Foundation, I have created a body care line with one dollar of all proceeds to be donated to this charity.

Website: http://www.faery-wings.com/
email info@faery-wings  or faerywings1@gmail.com
Twitter: @faerywings1

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