Oct 19, 2010

Shauna Prudhomme - Key Element Jewelry

Hi, my name is Shauna, and I beat Lyme Disease over 8 years ago. It was a long, humbling, lonely and dark battle. When I finally emerged, I was forever changed, for the better. A year ago I realized that I had to share what had helped me in my darkest moments, the sheer belief that I would beat Lyme, and the positive frame of mind that I refused to let go of. I started creating jewelry that shadowed my stages of recovery. Using Skeleton Keys to represent the “doors” that I had to pass through to regain my life. I named these keys Patience, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Courage, Wisdom, and Enlightenment. I call this group my Passage Key Jewelry. To celebrate safe passage through such a “door” in your life. I then created my website. Awareness jewelry was my next step, as I believe that Awareness = Research, and Research = Cure. All my jewelry is handmade, and no two pieces are quite alike. I enjoy making each piece, with love, hope, and genuine compassion for each person that I always feel honored to be sending my jewelry to, as this has become my labor of love. I want to make a difference.

Love and Hugs, Shauna

I invite you to visit my website at http://www.keyelementjewelry.com
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Key Element Jewelry 
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Ashley said...

Awesome message in your featured artist post Shauna. Thank you for sharing.

My experience with Lyme has been that it strips you of everything that you think you are and exposes you for what and who you really are.

I think it is impossible to come out of this journey the same person you were when you went in. Most of the people I have talked to about this agree that they are coming out a much better and more complete person than they went in.

VictoriousVixen said...

Shauna - I truly love what your jewelry is all about...and I really hope I win this giveaway! =)

As a family member of someone who has Lyme disease, I've learned that you must be your own best advocate when it comes to your health...don't rely solely on doctors. Keep searching for answers & don't give up!!!

Christie said...

My life with lyme as taught me that I am strong, so much stronger than I ever dreamed I could be. Being sick sometimes doesn't allow my true self to shine through so I learned on my good days to shine so brightly, to smile to big and laugh extra hard. This disease has made me weaker in body but I am so much stronger in heart and that is what matters....I am not my disease and I have made so many awesome friends!

Christie said...

I forgot my email camnchloe@yahoo.com
Thank you! I love your jewelry it's beautiful

Donna said...

I purchased one of your necklaces at Eric's Lyme benefit and I love it. It is named courage and I make sure I wear it whenever I feel the need for extra courage. I love the sound it makes when I move-it's just very special.

Anonymous said...

I have been battling lyme, my whole life without knowing. When we finally figured out what it was I was in my mid 20's. I couldn't sit by and do nothing, I started researching, and reaching out to people. I have literally helped thousands of people find answers and doctors. I can't tell you how many "thank you Jaime you saved my life" emails I've gotten. I don't do it for that, I do it because I'm drawn to it, I just had to do something. I think this jewelry is wonderful and would be a great conversation starter, rather than just jumping in with ignorant people about lyme disease. I nearly died 2 years ago, treatment was too much, so now I linger in fear. I need to treat natrually, slowly and gently and need all the prayers I can get. My email is jaimemason1978@roadrunner.com

Anonymous said...

I love Shaunas necklaces!! They are so inspirational. Just like the mader of them!! THank you for all the great work you do Shauna, I wear my necklace I got from you all the time!! ~Lisa Hilton

Lisa said...

Shauna's Jewelry is Just like Shauna, Full of Life, inspiration, hope, & Charm!! I wear my necklace, all of the time, & it REALLY is my "Good Luck" charm. I can't wait to get many more~Would love to win one!! Whenever, I go to have a procedure, I refuse to take it off, & I feel that it Really "Protects" me. I'm so blessed to have Shauna in my life & anyone is blessed that gets to own a piece of her jewelry.<3<3<3

Angie said...

I have learned so much from my lyme journey, so much it is hard to put in words but i will try. I have learned i am so much stronger that i ever believed that i could be, i have learned what things are really important in life and what are not, how important it is to have a wonderful supportive husband and daughter that have always believed in me, learned to appreciate the good days and live it up on those days because you have no idea when the next one will come, started my spiritual journey and was baptized and so much more. I actually love the person i have become...i don't like being sick of course but i feel truely blessed that i have learned the things i have and become who i am now. I like myself much more than i used to.
And of course the most important thing through this whole journey has been having all my lyme friends that are so supportive and loving. I always say if i had to get lyme to get all of these wonderful people in my life then it was so worth it all! I really believe that. I feel blessed!
I would be so honored to have one of these necklaces and would wear it proudly. Keeping my fingers crossed.
All my love, Angie R
My e-mail is angrob75@hotmail.com

Kim Trick said...

I love the jewelry!! Thank you for sharing such a positive outlook with us.

My journey to health taught me to slow down and savor what's truly important in life: faith, family, friends, simple moments spent eating dinner together, walking to the park, riding a bike.

The fast paced and "exciting" lifestyle I was leading before really faded to the background, and I wouldn't go back for anything. I'm a completely renewed person. I have a stronger relationship with God than ever before, my friendships are deeper and more meaningful, I quit my job in the entertainment industry to go back to school for healthcare (I want to be one of the good guys!), and I want to live a life that's about helping others feel better, not just about me.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter and for the beautiful work that you do! It's been a blessing just reading all the comments here.

Kim Trick said...

Oops, forgot to leave my email! It's kimtrick@gmail.com.

rivvamutt said...

I'm so excited to have received one of your Lyme Awareness necklaces as a gift! I now want to give one to anyone I know facing a difficult challenge in life. :)

Your work is beautiful, meaningful, and truly unique! I'm so happy for you that you emerged victorious from your battle, and are now using your talents to spread awareness and support.

Many hugs to you!

Kristie said...

Hi! This keychain is so cute!

As a lifelong lyme sufferer, I have learned so much from this awful disease...'

I think the one thing I will take away from this is that I will NEVER take anything for granted again! I have become a better person and have grown spiritually in ways that I didn't think I could.

Thanks for raising awareness!

And I shared the link as well, so I can be entered into the drawing!




hannah said...

very inspirational, wich you need fight this disease =[ I love it =]