Oct 15, 2010

Ashley van Tol - Upcycled by Ash

I am the creative/crazy brain behind Lymenaide.com. I am dedicated to spreading Lyme disease awareness and to supporting the Lyme community in the struggles we are all facing, financial and personal. 

To help survive through the financial desperation of Lyme disease/treatment I started Upcycled by Ash. I upcycle clothing and left over materials into awesomeness. I like to pair my projects with non-profits to make a difference, because if there is one thing I have learned from this illness it is that one person can make a difference. 

All item are handcrafted by me. Some products are made from lightly used clothing items, like my messenger totes that are made from pre-loved pants. Other items are made from not previously used fabric bought by me or donated by crafters who never found a use for them. Please feel free to contact me at ashvantol@gmail.com or ashvantol@lymenaide.com

Visit my Etsy Store and browse the items I have for sale- http://www.etsy.com/shop/Upcycledbyash

Etsy - http://www.etsy.com/shop/Upcycledbyash
Blog - http://upcycledbyash.blogspot.com/p/sale.html
Twitter - http://api.twitter.com/#!/upcycledbyash
Facebook - http://on.fb.me/cFXUQH
email - ashvantol@gmail.com

Ashley van Tol


Alix said...

Love your stuff, Ashley. SO creative and well made... and I know because i've bought your stuff and have seen your current inventory in person!

sharon rainey said...

I love Ashley's creations. I am jealous of her creativity! It amazes me the variety, depth and breadth of what she comes up with! There is something in her collection that EVERYONE will find they love! This is a perfect site for holiday shopping. sharon@sharonrainey.com

VictoriousVixen said...

I think I was born to be a craftivist, even thought I had no clue what that was a couple years ago! I love to create & help others...craftivism is the perfect marriage of both of those things.

Kristie said...

I think I was born to help people. It is my passion to do things for others, and it brings joy to my life since I can't do much else at the moment because of lyme disease.


Helen Raser said...

There is no end to your creativity Ashley - love it all!

Flora Toadfoot said...

I have been a follower of Ashleys Upcycled by Ash for a while and really think her work is so creative and love what she does.

I have wondered for many years what my purpose here on this earth is meant to be. Ten years ago I visited an Esoteric Fair. A lady did a reading for me using sand from the Valley of the Kings. I had to play with it and let it run through my fingers and then she did the reading.

She sat for a while and then said to me - "You are a Healer". I looked at her and said "No." She replied. "Well, I am telling you you are."

I said to her the only healing I've done is on myself as I had been recently diagnosed with MS. She said NO that is not it.

Since my diagnosis of Lyme in Feb 2010 I have realized that maybe I am here to help others heal by raising the awareness of Lyme Disease and how it is ruining lives because of the mis-diagnosis and lack of proper treatments.

I have nominated myself the unofficial Lyme Warrior of South Africa. I want to work with and for Lyme and fight for the rights of people who have been denied their rights like I have been.

I may have Lyme but it is not going to beat me and my strength will give others hope.

Pam Thomson
Lyme SouthAfrica

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful creation!! I love your stuff!! I'm still trying to figure out what I was born to do...although I think being mom to my amazing son tops the list for me!! Keep on crafting!!!

Angie said...

I LOVE all of Ashley's stuff she makes. What a talented person and so creative. Someday i will own a piece...maybe it will be added to my list to Santa.
I think i was made to help people and especially love working with kids. I was blessed with only one child but would have loved to have several more. I even went through infertility but i guess it was not in the cards. So now i pour my energy (when i have it) into my neices, nephews and friends kids. I also love to help out with the youth group at my church. The little ones just melt my heart. I know that spreading awareness and helping people and children is what i was made to do now. I truely feel blessed with my life.

I have shared the link on my facebook page and my e-mail is angrob75@hotmail.com

Cynthia said...

I love the necklace, I didn't know you had 'expanded'... It looks perfect for Grandma for Christmas ; ) - wink! wink! Maybe I'll win it for her!

What was I born to be? Just who I am....

Love you chica, and very proud of my neice...

Eric said...

I was born to make people laugh. Sometimes inappropriately. But I think that's one of the reasons I was born. Even in the worst of some of the Lyme days I can find ways to laugh at it, and try to get others to laugh along with me. I consider that a strength, something I've always believed are what we should be working on - not weaknesses.

I love your inspiration and creativity. You inspire me. Beyond your vision, your ability to make a decision to do something, and then you actually do it, when so many others never get past talking about it.

All of your stuff is made with such love and such vision. Great gifts for so many people on holiday lists this year.

I'm including a link to this giveaway on htt://LymeBites.com also, to let everyone know the chance they have at winning such a work of art!!

Keep up everything you do for so many people!

Susan Grant Sells Homes said...

I think I'm here to help people, from my children to my real estate clients..

Ashley your creativity is just awesome..The best part is everything you do is unique just like you..


Chris said...

Chris Nimphius
Thats a very tricky question I must say and I think people have a general conjecture, but either fall short in making it a reality or choose a path with the least resistence. I have always fumbled with this quesiton when asked because Gods honest truth I have no clue. But through sickness I think I am being taken on a path that will ultimately reveal what my true path is and disclose what I was truly meant to do. Whatever it is I am starting to believe it is bigger than myself. Has to do with giving more of myself, being more humble and expressing gratitude for all the prolific things I have. I guess what I was born to do is make myself happy and fullfiled without getting caught up in everyday trivial matters. And by doing so I believe finding happiness within will therefore allow me to help others find happiness and fulfillment within themselves. So although a tough learning curve it is something I am working on and I hope it will be infectious to others. That to me would be the biggest reward and hopefully bring closure as to what my "purpose" is within this life.

The Duvals said...

Okay - I quickly skimmed your entry here and didn't see that I needed to put anything specific in my post! Honestly, who has time for all this social networking stuff???? I'm trying to support you and post your stuff and link to your stuff and all that but you're killing me! LOL. I am def. not a social networker. :) Happy Turkey Day, friend!

The Duvals said...

Ah huh. I found it. Nice bio, chica. So, what was I born to do...um...raise my two boys to be good men!

Keri said...

I have seen this necklace in person and it's really pretty. Ashley is so creative and can easily think outside the box. If you win this necklace you'll have yourself a truely unique, one-of-a-kind beauty that is perfect for fall and winter.

Jeannine said...

I was meant to do some kind of work with books. I am an avid reader. In fact, my niece, an author, allowed me to be a "1st" reader" of her recent novel.
When I retire from a job I no longer love, I will find time to volunteer at a library.
Ash, I love your work

Tracy9 said...

Ashley Van Tol is too talented for words. Plus she is so thin and can wear anything she wants and looks great. My eyes just glaze over like I'm in a trance when I look at her art. She made this lyme clutch that I feel should be the start of a "Lyme Museum", it should be the first piece. I can see it on a velvet post, under glass, circling with a sparkling white light shining on it. It is just too gorgeous for words.

(Did I mention her husband is totally hot??? And he has the sexiest accent you have EVER heard, can you even imagine coming home to THAT every night?)

OOPS time to sign off. I think my filter broke. And I'm pretty sure I didn't win, either.

victoria hunt said...

I believe I was put here to help people and i am just letting God guide me to how that is too happen, so I do good deeds whenever I can, today I helped my childs school PTA and I recycle like crazy (because I can now). I was teaching before I got Lyme but had to stop my Masters due to my health. I want to be remebered as a giving happy person.

victoria hunt said...

sorry i left out that I also would love to be remebered as being grateful for all i have been given that I am able to share with those who need, with the charities we give to yearly this yr my daughter choose to buy a cow for a family in Bolivia, it gives me such pleasure to give and pass that onto my child. I was put here to be the best me i can be and raise my daughter to be the best she can be and help my husband be the person he wants to be. have to stop as i could go on and on why god put me here.

Ashley said...

You all rock! Thank you so much for your awesome comments!!!

Tracy... I am going to use that clutch for the Lymenaide give away item! Stay tuned.

Melissa Hotmer said...

You know over the years with the crazy life I have had I often asked muself this same question. Why am I here? Why me? Well about a month ago I was being my normal self & warning a guy in my Dr office about Lyme. My Dentist (which mind you also has Lyme said to me, I think you have found your calling. You got sick because you would spread the word. He then offered any of his time also to help me spread the word too.
So all in all, when I complain I don't feel well I know there is a reason for it. I am going to help save people from this horrible disease. Together we have strength :)
This disease may be horrible but it has given me a purpose in life & a ton of wonderful friends :)

The Dragonfly On Iron Gate said...

Love being invited to win this. But I feel like a winner already by getting to know so many of you ! You are my prize ! I was born to live my life to the fullest. Through the good times and through the pain of sickness. To take just an extra second to be helpful to someone in need or to be there in someone's life till the end. I cherish my lyme friends !!

Tracy9 said...

Okay, I have just one question...where is the question you are all answering? I don't see any question! Everyone is talking about the meaning of life and I DON'T SEE THE QUESTION!!!

Ashley said...

Tracy the question is in the featured artist post. Click the link at the top of the page that says Featured Artist.

Shantiann said...

I was born to be a fighter! I'm an investigative reporter (or was until lyme hit! lol's) and I intend to blow the lid off of lyme! The documentation I have will PROVE that the Dept. of Defense and the U.S. Army purposely infected lyme with not only co-infections, but mycoplasma's invented just to use to put into ticks. The BEST documentation: That they are using lyme as a bio-weapon!!!! I'm taking my lead from Rosa Parks, Karen Silkwood, and Erin Brockovich....we will no longer be silent or sit at the back of the bus! Love your stuff and keep on fighting lymies!

Sander van Tol said...

I agree with what Tracy9 says, Ashley, she is a wise one, listen to her!!!!
Ha, ha.
I was born to be an adventurer! And a motivator too. And not to mention, a loving husband to an awesomely talented wife

Dee said...
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Dee said...

This is a beautiful necklace.
My purpose in life is to love on orphans and people who have little in this life. I am currently residing in hanover, Pennsylvania as a youth pastor with my husband. We currently have many youth who are in Fostercare and I also travel overseas to serve in orphanages, while also raising money to help the orphans of the world.

I was diagnosed in 2005 with LD. I thought it was taken care of until May this year when the symptoms flared up. I am currently seeking a doctor (after being turned down by many) to treat me for Chronic Lyme Disease.

Thank you Ashley for doing this to spread LD awareness! It is a great need!

Ashley said...

Congrats to the winner, Chris Nimphius!!!